Smart Green Island Makeathon 2018

After the participation to the 2017 event, professor Giacomo Barbieri came back to Gran Canaria for the third edition of the Smart Green Island Makeathon 2018. The exponential growth of the event is impressive as the numbers can witness. They started on 2016 with 45 participants, while last year were 83 and 167 during this [...]

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Mi5 Bogotá: September Meeting

Mi5 first meeting: now we officially start! At los Andes University on wednesday, September 27th, the first meeting between Mi5 teams was held. The goal was to show the teams’ progress and to find advice among the various attendees. At the meeting there were approximately 40 people among students, professors and representatives of the [...]

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Mi5 in Colombia – Kick-off Meeting

On the 19th of August the Mi5 Bogotá student group started officially the operations with a kick-off meeting. Unfortunately the meeting was held on Saturday and 15 students participated while other 10 were unable to attend. Students carefully listened to the presentation by Professor Giacomo Barbieri, teacher at the Mechanical Engineering department of los [...]

Mi5 in Colombia – Kick-off Meeting2017-10-31T15:19:08+01:00

Makeathon Finals

60 participants at the 1st Smart Farming Makeathon Colombia Students from different disciplines assumed the risk of designing a prototype in only three days. Is it possible to design a prototype that can solve an agricultural problem in three days? What looks impossible was one of the main bets of the 1st Makeathon Colombia, [...]

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Day 2: Smart Farming Challenge

We noticed the exhaustion from yesterday upon waking up, and that explained the time of arrival of some. The early birds arrived at 7am to take an optional training to use the manufacturing lab. Unfortunately, due to the fact that there weren’t enough of the Personal Protection Elements needed, this training had to be [...]

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Day 1: Smart Farming Challenge

What a day! The first day arriving early was easy. The excitement and expectations were at a peak and we all wanted the event to begin straight away. The organizers arrived at 7am to make sure everything was ready for the arrival of the participants, who were expected at 8am, and they got surprised [...]

Day 1: Smart Farming Challenge2017-08-07T09:22:12+02:00

Makeathon Preparations

We sold out the 1st Makeathon Colombia! Having sixty students and fifteen companies registered. Additional students are already lining up in the waiting list for attending the event! Moreover, registered students are coming from six different Colombian universities and even one French school! Our fully committed team of nine Colombian students, a Colombian and [...]

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